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Why cleaning your condensers regularly will save you money

Condensers require a clean flow of air to work at full capacity - even a small amount of dirt build up can reduce capacity up to five per cent and the dirtier the condenser gets, the more operating capacity is compromised – sometimes up to a whopping 43%! Read more: Condenser Cleaning

Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

We know how important a comfortable environment is to ensure optimum performance of your staff and of your processes. Investing in ongoing air conditioning maintenance significantly reduces the risk of consequential business losses due to untimely breakdowns.

  • Air Conditioning systems are high energy users and in times of rising energy prices and taxes, their operating costs will be rising in proportion.
  • Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system along with the associated checks and adjustments will flag up any mechanical wear and tear and refrigerant losses which could otherwise greatly reduce efficiency levels and drive up operating costs
  • As well as maintaining efficiency levels, regular refrigerant leak testing will be seen as conforming with current refrigerant legislation

Please contact us to find out more about our air conditioning servicing and maintenance services.

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