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Air Conditioning and Chiller Condenser Cleaning

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Why cleaning your condensers regularly will save you money

Condensers require a clean flow of air to work at full capacity - even a small amount of dirt build up can reduce capacity up to five per cent and the dirtier the condenser gets, the more operating capacity is compromised – sometimes up to a whopping 43%! Read more: Condenser Cleaning

Condenser Cleaning

Regular brushing or blowing out of the condenser may clear away surface dust and debris, but over a period of time, this will get pushed deeper into the fin spaces, blocking them and gradually reducing the air flow through the coil.

If through blockage the air flow is not available, there are a number of costly consequences from compressors working at higher temperatures. This leads to consuming more electricity and decreasing working lifecycles to debris becoming acidic causing corrosion and costly replacements.

The answer is for periodical in depth condenser cleaning, for which we use heavy duty non acidic foaming cleanser, specially formulated to clear even the most stubborn deposits to leave the condenser coil and fins clean, and a more efficient heat transfer surface.

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