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F-Gas Checks

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Why cleaning your condensers regularly will save you money

Condensers require a clean flow of air to work at full capacity - even a small amount of dirt build up can reduce capacity up to five per cent and the dirtier the condenser gets, the more operating capacity is compromised – sometimes up to a whopping 43%! Read more: Condenser Cleaning

F-Gas Tests

It is important we work closely with our clients to ensure their air conditioning, refrigeration units and water chillers are 'Refrigerant Leak free'. This can be programmed through a six or 12 monthly PPM programme of F-Gas testing to ensure statutory and legislative compliance.

Secure refrigerant containment is core to the regulation, so regular F-Gas tests are necessary to both prevent leaks and repair any leakage as soon as possible. Leak prevention and detection is aided through monitoring according to a mandatory leak-checking schedule.

The key aspects of F-gas are:

  • Secure refrigerant containment.
  • Documented leak inspection regimes.
  • Record keeping - Auditable refrigerant recovery.
  • Skills training and the appropriate safe refrigerant handling certification of the service and Maintenance Company and its employees.

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